Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Addressing the World: the UPU Initiative, the Report and Proposals

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The quadrennial Universal Postal Union (UPU) Congress is now taking place in Doha, Qatar.  The Congress sets policy for the UPU, as well as the regulations and rules that govern the movement of mail between countries around the world. 

The particular Congress is paying more attention to addressing than in many past Congresses.  This is driven by the UPU's initiative on Addressing the World.  Shortly before the Congress began the UPU issued "Addressing the world – An address for everyone".  This paper offers a broad perspective of the topic of addressing around the world, from historical and regional perspectives to case studies of current initiatives.  I would recommend that anyone interested in international addressing read this paper. 

I welcome this attention on addressing and encouraging the expansion of consistent address systems to countries, offering addresses to groups and individuals without them.  This provides both access to the postal system and to the larger economic system.  Addresses allow for better governmental services, as well as more access to new potential customers and clients for private business. 

In addition to the presentation of this report, there are various proposals on addressing being considered at the UPU Congress.  If passed, these will encourage the expansion of modern, systematic address systems and may enhance other efforts that can reduce poor addressing.  This Congress will end on October 15.   

In the weeks following the end of the Doha Congress, this blog will cover some of the issues that affect international mail and addressing that were raised in Doha.



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