Monday, August 27, 2012

Universal Postal Union's 2012 Doha Congress: Setting the Rules for International Mail

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The member countries of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) will meet at Congress, in Doha, Qatar, from 24 September to 15 October 2012to discuss and define the postal strategy for the next four years, to define the standards and regulations for the international exchange of mail, and parcels and to discuss the other services provided by designated postal operators in the member countries. 

There are over 450 proposals offered for consideration at the Doha Congress.  They cover all aspects of the services offered by postal operators and the logistics of providing those services.  These meeting affect all of those who use international mail.  Among the issue that affect mailers are
·    security of postal networks and postal matter: how this will be handled for the next four years,
·    customs issues: what the requirements will be,
·    documentation: what paperwork will be needed by postal operators and between postal operators,
·    tracking: how will mailed items by traced and tracked through the international system,
·    postal financial services:  postal savings banks, insurance services and money order policies, and
·    payment settlements between the countries:  affecting international postage rates for the next four years or more 

In addition to the issues immediately and directly affecting postal operators and mailers, the UPU Congress will set the policy guidelines for the UPU staff in the next four years.  This covers the UPU's overall direction and the day-to-day work at the UPU.  It affects what initiatives will continue or be started, what postal issues will be examined and studied (potentially setting future policy), and the on-going projects of the Union. 

The representative of the 192 UPU member countries will include heads of state, government ministers, and heads of the postal services.  Heads of other United Nations agencies, other international organizations, and postal sector stakeholders will join the country delegations to discuss and debate the future of the world's postal services. 

Any major developments will be covered in future blogs.



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