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Postal Web Site Resources

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The postal companies listed below include substantial information on international mail or about direct mail in their country, their region or internationally on their web sites.  Relevant information on international services or large quantities of mail is often in a special business section.

Without exception, these are designated postal operators in the listed country.  Their inclusion is not a recommendation but simply a suggested resource for further information.  Other companies do provide similar and related services in these countries and in others.

Country or Territory
Postal Company
Web Site
Language(s) listed alphabetically
Argentina –
Correo de Argentina
Armenia –
HayPost  CJSC
Armenian, English
Australia –
Australian Postal Corporation
Austria –
Österreichische Post AG
English, German
Belgium –
Flemish (Dutch), French, German
Brazil –
Empresa Brasileira de Correos e Telégrafos
Brazilian (Portuguese)
Canada –
Canada Post
English, French
Colombia –
4-72 La Red Postal de Colombia
English, Spanish (English version has less detail.)
Costa Rica –
Correos de Costa Rica S.A.
Czech Republic –
Česká Pošta
Czech, English
Denmark –
Post Danmark A/S
Danish, English (English version has less detail.)
Estonia –
Eesti Post Ltd
English, Estonian, Russian (English and Russian versions have less detail.)
Finland –
Itella Oyj
English, Finnish, Swedish
France –
La Poste
Germany –
Deutsche Post AG
Greece –
Hellenic Post
English, Greek
Hong Kong –
Hong Kong Post
Chinese, English
Hungary –
Magyar Posta Zrt.
Hungarian (English site is mostly philately.)
Iceland –
ĺslandspóstur hf
English, Icelandic
Ireland –
An Post
Israel –
Israel Postal Company Ltd.
Arabic, English, French, Hebrew, Russian, Spanish  (Hebrew version has more detail.)
Italy –
Poste Italiane, S.p.A.
English, Italian (English version has less details.)
Japan –
Japan Post
English, Japanese
Lithuania –
AB Lietuvos paštas
English, Lithuanian
Malta –
Maltapost PLC
Netherlands, The –
TNT Post
Dutch, English
New Zealand –
New Zealand Post Ltd.
Norway –
Posten Norge AS
English, Norwegian
Portugal –
CTT - Correios de Portugal
English, Portuguese (English version has less details.)
Romania –
C.N. Poşta Româna S.A.
Singapore –
Singapore Post Limited
Slovenia –
Pošta Slovenije, d.o.o.
English, Slovenian (English version has less details.)
Spain –
Correos y Telégrafos S.A.
Basque, Catalan, English, Galician, Spanish
Sweden –
Posten AB
English, Swedish (English version has less details.)
Switzerland –
Swiss Post
English, French, German, Italian
Tunisia –
La Poste Tunisienne
United Arab Emirates –
Emirates Post
Arabic, English
United Kingdom –
Royal Mail Group PLC
United States –
United States Postal Service

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